Clinical Research Centre

CRC is looking for suitable persons to fill the following positions.

1. Medical Physicists - (Temporary close) –
2. IT Executive
- (Temporary close) –

3. Project Manager (PM) (Preferable Retired Staff Nurse)
4. Human Resource Assistant
- (Temporary close) –
5. Clinical IT Associate
- (Temporary close) –
6. Network Administrator
- (Temporary close) –
7. Medical Writer
- (Temporary close) –
8. Clinical Epidemiologist
9. Biostatistician
10. Clinical Economist
11. Trainee Clinical Research Associate - (Temporary close) –
12. Clinical Research Associate (CRA) - (Temporary close) –
13. Business Development Manager/Executive - (Temporary close) –
14. Regulatory Affairs Manager/Associate - (Temporary close) –
15. Research Assistant (Temporary position) - (Temporary close) –
16. Assistant Pharmacists
17. Medical Publishing Manager

18. Dietitian - (Temporary close) –

Click on the above positions for their individualized job description.
(We regret that only short listed candidates will be informed)

Successful clinical research requires input from many people with varied skills and thus we have jobs for people of varied specialized background. Click on the 'Academic/ Professional Background' links below to see your job opportunities:
Medical Officers

Interested? kindly attach your complete CV and e mail it to and
We regret that only short listed applicants will be notified and all applications will



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