Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad

Thank you for your interest in building your career with Bank Pembangunan.

Bank Pembangunan helps you map your career and move ahead. You will have ongoing opportunities to learn from mentors and peers for a dynamic career growth. In line with the Government’s Vision 2020, we see the need to develop a pool of skilled and knowledgeable people for the continuous improvement of the country. We aim to align our human resources with our business objectives to create a more result-oriented workforce. Our strategy is multi-pronged: -

To match the right skills with the right job
To increase the employees’ competency levels in technical as well as management skills by providing comprehensive training and development
To provide competitive benefits
To create an environment of effective and efficient work practices through continuous improvement processes to stimulate career growth

We welcome you to write in giving a detailed resume together with a recent passport-size photograph to:

Vice President / Head,
Group Human Resources Development
Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad
Level 20, Menara Bank Pembangunan
Bandar Wawasan,
No. 1016, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
P.O.Box 10788
50724 Kuala Lumpur

Or click here to apply online.

Only short listed candidates will be notified.



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Permohonan boleh dibuat sepanjang masa sama ada melalui Portal SPA atau Portal JobsMalaysia. Walaubagaimanapun permohonan terkini akan membatalkan permohonan terdahulu. Sila pilih hanya satu (1) kategori borang yang bersesuaian dengan kelayakan anda dan bilangan jawatan yang boleh dipohon adalah maksimum 5 jawatan.

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